Need a Romper? Blush has you covered!

Posted by Allison Prisco on 7th May 2017

Nothing is more crucial than stocking up on spring rompers wether they be for day or night. What better way to come up with an outfit, with an effortless romper. This fuscia pink romper, with tie fron … read more

Blush on the Runway

Posted by Karla Weidenboerner on 1st May 2017

This past week, Blush partnered with St. Mary's High School for their annual spring fashion show at Salvatore's Italian Gardens. Eight young women took to the runway to model our cutest looks includin … read more

Day or Night: Rompers got you covered

Posted by Lucy Lopez on 30th Apr 2017

We don't need to tell you how popular rompers have become. But what we will tell you is that there are so many options for the upcoming warmer months! Whether you're going on a night out, a … read more
Coverage Made Easy

Coverage Made Easy

Posted by Karla Weidenboerner on 21st Apr 2017

We know how annoying it is when you find a cute strapless dress or tank top that requires you to wear a bra. The irritating straps take away from the overall look and the padding from the cups can m … read more
All About Embroidery

All About Embroidery

Posted by Lucy Lopez on 17th Apr 2017

Want an easy way to elevate an outfit? The embroidery trend is the perfect way to go. Simple patchwork can add so much to a staple piece like a pair of jeans or sweater, giving you that little bit of … read more